Libera, une organisation italienne à la base des luttes anti mafias dans le monde

Libera supporte maintenant un réseau de plus de 1 500 associations et de coopératives nationales, réparties en coordinations régionales. Mais les phénomènes mafieux ne sont pas à l’œuvre sur le seul territoire italien. Libera international rassemble ainsi 80 organisations internationales adhérentes, provenant de 35 pays d’Europe, d’Afrique et d’Amérique Latine.

UN Report 2018 : Drugs are produced more than ever before

According to the World Drug Report 2018 published last week by the United Nations, drug production and markets are expanding to unprecedented levels. A worldwide public health crisis is on the verge of happening as the non-medical use of prescription is increasing. Yury Fedotov, the Executive Director of UN Office on Dugs and Crimes said Read more about UN Report 2018 : Drugs are produced more than ever before[…]

The international network of Libera recalls the Capaci massacre.

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Capaci massacre, in which the judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and the three agents of the escort Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo and Antonio Montinaro, lost their lives because of Cosa Nostra, so, two public initiatives will be promoted in France and Bolivia from realities Read more about The international network of Libera recalls the Capaci massacre.[…]

World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day takes place on the 5th of June every year. It was created by the United Nation and remains to this day its principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Yesterday, on the 5th of June 2018, United Nations Environment have published an article and an infographic Read more about World Environment Day 2018[…]