Libera, une organisation italienne à la base des luttes anti mafias dans le monde

Libera supporte maintenant un réseau de plus de 1 500 associations et de coopératives nationales, réparties en coordinations régionales. Mais les phénomènes mafieux ne sont pas à l’œuvre sur le seul territoire italien. Libera international rassemble ainsi 80 organisations internationales adhérentes, provenant de 35 pays d’Europe, d’Afrique et d’Amérique Latine.


  By Europol Press Release From 2010 to 2014, 2.2% of the estimated proceeds of crime were provisionally seized or frozen, and 1.1% of the criminal profits were finally confiscated at EU level, according to a recent report penned by Europol’s Asset Recovery Unit, in cooperation with the Asset Recovery Offices of EU Member States. Read more about DOES CRIME STILL PAY?[…]

EU agrees on new rules about mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders

  On 20 June 2018, the Council agreed on new rules concerning the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders. This new regulation aims to ensure the effective freezing and confiscation of criminal assets across the EU. This will contribute to making the EU more secure by combating the financing of crime, including terrorist activities. Read more about EU agrees on new rules about mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders[…]

Libera to the MezhyhiryaFest

  From the 9th to the 10th of June 2018, will take place the Mezhyhirya Festival. This year, the festival will deal with the recovery process of state assets and especially with this process in Ukraine. It will also try to determinate how the international experience in this field can foster and make faster and Read more about Libera to the MezhyhiryaFest[…]