A bridge between Rio and Roma, on the trail of a football

The story of Deley, a human rights activist passionate of football. There is a bridge, even though fictional, that unites Roma and Rio De Janeiro. Better, between the neighborhood of Corviale and the favela of Acari. They’re not only united by poverty and social deprivation, but also by the love of football. Acari is a Read more about A bridge between Rio and Roma, on the trail of a football[…]

Brazil: Judge Hints End of “Car Wash” Corruption Investigation

Federal judge Sergio Moro noted Monday that Brazil’s largest corruption probe codenamed Operation Car Wash is in its final stages, Reuters reported. In an acceptance speech for the Notre Dame Award, bestowed for contributions toward human development, Moro addressed the exceptional successes of anti-corruption agents that drive the investigation toward a clear end. “Several cases have been already tried Read more about Brazil: Judge Hints End of “Car Wash” Corruption Investigation[…]

Violent repression in Brazil disguised as struggle to the corruption (IT)

Arrests, shoot-outs against workers and students, threats, repercussions on the political affiliations, suspension of the human rights and the guarantees. In a violent silence from politics and the western media, Brazil relives the signs of a past that frightens. We receive and we publish the article of Dario de Sousa and Silva Filho – sociologist and Read more about Violent repression in Brazil disguised as struggle to the corruption (IT)[…]

En que se narra la condena de una gobernanta digna e inocente por una banda de corrupto s de la mente y de las finanzas (ESP)-(IT)

The founder of Liberation Theology, Leonardo Boff, writes about the sentence against the President Dilma Rousseff, wanted by a group of corrupt through a parliamentary coup d’état. The impeachment relies on lords of power affairs, joined with part of the manipulated press, the national conservative parties, a section of the Public Office and the military police. Further the brazilian Supreme Court sustained unworthily and impartially the political operation. It not only deals with an attack to the president, but against the participatory democracy. This policy represents the most dramatic return to neoliberalism, considering attributes of the market principles, based on competition and not collaboration, undertaking the social politics, privatizing health and educational system, and affecting the social achievements of workers.