28 May 2018


Commitment for social justice, truth and common good implies an investment in educative and cultural terms.


Libera’s Legal Office aims at giving to mafias innocent victims’ relatives assistance in all the phases of the claim of damages, in accordance with national and regional legislation ; to witnesses, to usury and racket victims.  The legal office also works for access to the revolving fund as previsted by the 512/99 law. It examinates the numerous problems citizens submit to the association also about issues not regarding directly organized crime facts, it gives its opinion and encourage the citizens to turn to the organisms that will be able to help them.

The legal office also proposes legislative changes when it comes to the legislation about mafias vitims and witnesses.

It also acts as a civil party in the trials against organized crime to protect the specific and direct interests of Libera.


From the beginning, Libera has put at the center of its action, alongside the fight against mafias, the fight against corruption. In 1995, when the petition that would lead to the 109/96 law was launched, we asked for the confiscation of goods from mafiosi and corrupted and for their social reuse. In the approved law was deleted the part dedicated to the social use of confiscated assets. It was integrated a few years later, in the financiary law of 2007 with a disposition stipulating that the patrimony taken to the corrupted should therefore be confiscated and socially reused.

The Legal Office promotes a national campaign to reiterate the legislative priorities necessary to our country, the importance of transparency of candidatures, carrying out the activation of training pathways about corruption risks and about how to react. The launching of a documentary center against corruption and for the ethic of responsibility is also planned.

Also, Libera has always paid attention to who denounces and who needs to be accompanied :  hence, we have launched a toll-free number  to support whistleblowers or persons denouncing corruptive behaviors, in order to never let those who denounced alone and vulnerable.



During the last years, the sector focused on the activation and promotion of intervention in favour of the minors or young adults (Amuni’) submitted to measures by the judicial authority. With a particular attention to socio-educative paths, we have created paths accompanied by adults able to suspend their own judgement and to see, as we ask to the minors, beyond the crime committed.

To facilitate these pathways, the Protocol between the Minister of Justice – Department of Juvenile Justice and  Community and Libera has been initiated and intends to promote paths of prevention regardinf above all the young people submitted to the judicial authority and the schools.

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