28 May 2018

Memory and Commitment

Libera Memory aims at keeping the memory of mafias innocent victims alive and to stand by their families, organizing moments of meetings and training. 

The value of testimony

Libera Memory, thanks to the generous testimonies of the relatives, collects the stories of mafias innocent victims. It is not about collecting individual stories as they are the stories of our territories, that, together, tell a piece of our country’s story. Reading and knowing these stories, supporting the families in the transformation of their pain into commitment, asking for truth and justice for all mafias innocent victims has been Libera’s responsiblity in order to build together a public and shared memory. A memory that stays alive. In this context was created Vivi, a multimedia archive open and accessible to all, where are told all the stories of mafias innocent victims. A virtual place, that one can visit for free whenever one wants, where we can learn and meet the hundred of victims killed by mafia violence and discover who they were, what were their jobs, what where their dreams.

Day of Memory and Commitment

The 23 years of Libera’s existence have been linked by a common thread : the 21st of March, the Day of Memory and Commitment in remembrance of mafias innocent victims. These lost lives, these violated innocences, this memory solemnly renewed each year constitute the roots of a continuous effort for the contruction of a mafias-free and corruption-free society

In numerous places in Italy and all over the world, on this specific day is read the list of mafias innocent victims, result of the patient collection of our volunteers whom dig in the story of our territories.

After twenty-two years, on the 1st of March 2017, by unanimous vote of the Chamber of Representatives was approved the law proposal instituting and recognizing the 21st of March as the “Day of Memory and Commitment in remembrance of mafias innocent victims“.

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