28 May 2018

Training and formation

Libera has always been involved in schools, universities, working with young people alongside parishes, professors, volunteering associations as education is crucial. By educating, we also educate ourselves, we learn as we are both educators and educted. “Together” is the keyword of education.


We cultivate a certain idea of the educative commitment we are undertaking in order to reach a project of collective change. We are commited in the construction of good civil practices to fight  social injustices, corruption and mafias. Our projects ( Abitare i margini, Regoliamoci, Libera lo Sport) and all the other training paths have had been, these last years, the places where our idea of education became concrete, giving schools   all the necessary tools to be THE instrument for the training of the citizen and the construction of cities and communities wanting to develop justice.

Last year, 200 days of training dedicated to schools as well as parishes or Libera’s staff were given during moments of skills and experiences sharing. Alongside the path “E!State Liberi” was also launched with the “Memory” sector a path for training and accompaniement for testimony.

Youth Policies

The department “Youth policies” contributes to the guarantee, the promotion and the development of responsible, legal and sustainable paths of youth autonomy within the territorial activities promoted by Libera. The department wants to support the development of new practices and tools and acts in four main ways :

E!state Liberi!

E!State Liberi! are summer camps of commitment and training on confiscated goods : it is a project dedicated to the valorisation and promotion of the social reuse of confiscated and seized  mafias assets. The participants work on themes such as antisocial mafia and knowledge about the involved territories through a week-long camp.

University & Research

This department wants to structure at the national and intenational level a scientific network of civil commitment against mafias and corruption. The collaborate actively with universities, degrees courses, masters etc., Summer School Già for the deepening of the themes and the action-research, and through mentoring and accompanying the students and researchers n their works.

It also collects and archives projects, theses and research works made by professors, students, researchers about mafias and corruption.