In Latin America

ALAS – America Latina Alternativa Social

The Latin American network promoted by LIBERA


The social antimafia Mexican network promoted by CAUCE CIUDADANO and LIBERA

GIRAMONDI – Memory and Commitment Journeys

The LIBERA proposals on travel experiences and international voluntary

In Europe

CARTT – Campaign for Awarness Raising and Training to fight Trafficking

The European Campaign addressed to fight smuggling and human beings trafficking

LIFEJACKET – Psycosocial Protection and Support of witnesses and victims of mafia

The project focused on witnesses of justice and victims of mafias support

TIE – Tackling Illegal Economy

The European project addressed to tackle illegal economy

A Change of Direction. Fostering Whistleblowing in Europe in the Fight Against Corruption.

The project promotes the creation of a protection framework to ensure the whole integrity of whistleblowers in the European Union and its member states.


This project calls upon artists who seek to discuss social issues through their art, using creativity for justice and fairness in Europe.

In Maghreb – Mashreq

Mediterranean Memory