In Latin America

ALAS – America Latina Alternativa Social

The Latin American network promoted by LIBERA


The social antimafia Mexican network promoted by CAUCE CIUDADANO and LIBERA

GIRAMONDI – Memory and Commitment Journeys

The LIBERA proposals on travel experiences and international voluntary

In Europe

CARTT – Campaign for Awarness Raising and Training to fight Trafficking

The European Campaign addressed to fight smuggling and human beings trafficking

LIFEJACKET – Psycosocial Protection and Support of witnesses and victims of mafia

The project focused on witnesses of justice and victims of mafias support

TIE – Tackling Illegal Economy

The European project addressed to tackle illegal economy

A Change of Direction. Fostering Whistleblowing in Europe in the Fight Against Corruption.

The project promotes the creation of a protection framework to ensure the whole integrity of whistleblowers in the European Union and its member states.

In Maghreb – Mashreq

Mediterranean Memory