Stand up


megaphoneEveryday we receive reports of injustice and abuses that rarely find room or voice in the official media which give us an alarming picture of what happens in the world by the hands of corrupt governments and very aggressive organised crime. It is clear that nowadays human rights are denied even in places that wave the flag of democracy and freedom. Libera International aims at giving visibility to the reports and the records coming from all over the world and in particular to those highlighted by our partner organisations. We believe that the networks are needed also for this reason: in order to guarantee free independent information sharing, in order to give a voice to those fighting for justice, and to those who are deprived from the means to live in dignity. In this context, we gather to call in favour of people, organisations, and civil society organisations who are threatened, at risk, or without protections. We ask to all of you to help to sustain them so that they may reach the local, competent institutions. The calls shared by Libera International represent a tool to involve people divided from oceans and borders, but still united by the commitment to fight for justice and peace. In fact, in many occasions international solidarity is proven to be a useful and crucial deterrent to guarantee protection and safety.