The activity of the international sector of Libera in Italy is focused on the promotion of the foundation of cross-border cooperation and networking, as well as on raising awareness and diffusing information in Italy on the illegal behaviours and the social anti-mafia responses to it in the world. The main idea behind this work is that of giving national and international visibility to the complaints and the pleas for collaboration coming from the many entities from all over the world with which Libera has been in contact in the past years. Bringing the first-hand experience of their representatives and giving a voice to their requests is one of the most efficient tools to stop their isolation and give dignity to their work, as in many cases these are communities which are marginalised from the governments in their countries. Indeed, it is important for Libera International to share the best practices abroad in Italy with the cooperation of the local entities and the Libera coordination groups both in Italy and abroad on the topics of rights, memory, social justice, and peace. These are essential elements of the social anti-mafia world view with a global perspective.



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