The journey of Giramondi and Atrevete!Mundo 2018 in Peru


Read the diary to get to know the country, its social and human basis through the eyes of Libera.

Also this year the moment has arrived of Giramondi – The Travels of Memory and Engagement, and of Atrevete!Mundo, the experience of engagement and international formation! Every year a country is chosen in Latin America, where the network ALAS Latin America Social Alternative, promoted by Libera, is present in 12 countries with more than 50 associations and cooperatives, organisations and movements. From the 12th to 24th of September, two groups will travel to Peru where there are organisations that will lead them to discover the country. They started with a few visits to organisations for the families of victims, like CONAVIP – National Coordinator of Organisations Affected by Police Violence, and AVISFAIP – Association of Widows and Mothers of Members of the Armed Forces, which is a basic subject just as the CEPROF- Family Promotion Center. The participants have the opportunity to get to know the country through the eyes of Libera, paying attention to the complexity and uniqueness of the subject, meeting the many women and men that are working for peace and justice outside of Italy, at the side of the weakest, promoting innovative and inclusive paths. Because nobody is left behind.

For the first two days in Peru click here [IT]