Despite Confession, Former El Salvador President’s Sentencing Is Bittersweet

By Tristan Clavel

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor el salvador saca sentence reactions(AP Photo/Salvador Melendez)

On 12 september 2018, Eliás Antonio Saca, an ex-president of El Salvador (Central America), was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the embezzlement of more than $300 million and money laundering. The sentencing is an important step in the fight against corruption in El Salvador, but the sentence is light considering the fact that Saca was also accused of illicit association. He and his family, particulary his cousin Herbert Ernesto Saca Vides, had strong links to organised crime. He could have faced a harsher 30-year prison sentence, but since he pleaded guilty for embezzlement and money laundering in August 2018, the prison sentence was reduced.

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