The frontier: violations of human rights and business of the mafia organizations

There is an imaginary, and yet very real line, an unhealed wound, a place of everybody and nobody, that everyone is, invisibly, a part of: it is the frontier that both separates and unites the Northern part of the world, that is democratic, liberal and civilized, and the Southern part, that is poor, haunted by wars, falling behind and undemocratic.
It is on the margin of this frontier that the great game of the contemporary world is played. It is at this frontier that criminal and international organisations are moving, turning this frontier and the human beings that run through it into their field of action.
At #estoria2018 Annalisa Camilli, Marina Lalovic​ and Monica Usai​ talked about it, starting from the book of Alessandro Leogrande. Today, we will review the meeting, organised by the Cultural and History Association.