Thirty-three-year-old Italian and girlfriend killed in Toronto: the shadow of the ‘ndrangheta hangs over the homicide

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A double homicide in Toronto, where a 33-year-old Italian, Cosimo Commisso, has been killed by gun shots together with his girlfriend Chantelle Almeida, who was 26 years old. The shadow of organized crime hangs over the ambush and the names of the  ‘ndrangheta gangs are echoing. The two were killed while travelling with an SUV: the motive has yet to be clarified.

The event happened Friday June 30th, but in Italy they only found out the next Monday (July 2th). There still are different hypotheses on the investigation table, some of which could bring – in the light of a preceding episode- to a commingle between local groups of bikers and mafia families. According to the Canadian newspaper National Post, the man, a resident of Vaughan (Canada), does not have a criminal record, but he may be linked to an “important family of organized crime” in the area of Toronto, and, according to police sources quoted by the newspaper, “he would have personal ties with criminal figures”. In the investigation field, the name Commisso is historically linked to the family in the region jonica-reggina, originally from Sardinia, which is also one of the cited gangs in the last report of the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia (DIA, “Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate”). Not until a few months ago, the fugitive Tito Figliomeni lived just in Toronto, but he was then arrested at the airport of Fiumicino (Rome, Italy): according to the accusation, he is one of the main members of the mafia group Rumbo-Galea-Figliomeni, confederate to the Commisso gang from Siderno (Calabria, Italy).  

The ramifications of the gangs in the North American territories date back more than 40 years ago. One mentionable boss, particularly influential in Canada and the United States, was assassinated in an ambush in the same Calabrian town in 1975, in the first ‘ndrangheta war. The investigators believe- according the local press- that Commisso was linked to motorcyclist John Ignagni, the son of an important member of a gang. Ignagni was killed at age 33 in an ambush in Toronto in 2016. This episode would be traceable, according to the Canadian investigators, to a settlement of scores between motorcycle gangs. This circumstance suggests that, behind the similar homicide of Commisso, there was a link between local motorbike gangs and mafia families. According to the Italian DIA, there are, indeed, various active gangs of the Hells Angels in Canada, which are criminal groups of autochthonous motorcyclists who, “in several occasions entered into business with the Italian mafia consortiums.”

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