In Italy: A red t-shirt to stop the bleeding of humanity

One #red t-shirt to #stopthebleeding of humanity

Italy: Saturday July 7th

Let’s wear a red t-shirt for a reception able to combine security and solidarity 

Red is the colour that invites us to take a break. But there is a different red, today, that asks us even more peremptorily to stop, to reflect, and then to make an effort and undertake something. It is that of the clothes and t-shirts of the children that died at sea and sometimes that of the colour of the sea flowing at the Mediterranean beaches. Red was the colour of the clothes of little Alan, three years old, whose picture in September 2015 aroused deep sentiment and resentment of half the world. Red was the colour of the three children that drowned the other day in front of the Lybian coasts. Red will be the colour of the clothes of others whose mothers, in the hope that, in the case of a shipwreck, that colour will call the attention of the rescuers.

They died, these children, while European countries keep playing, passing each other the buck, with the problem of immigration – that is, with the life of millions of people – and by not taking it on in a politically worthy way they end up blaming whoever provides aid or whoever has hope for a reception that is able to combine security and solidarity. We need to counteract this bleeding of humanity, this rampant cynicism fueled by the entrepreneurs of fear. This, is not modern Europe. Modern Europe is freedom, equality, fraternity. So let’s all stop a day in Italy and in Europe, Saturday the 7th, and wear a t-shirt, a red garment, just like those children. Because putting yourself in the shoes of others – beginning with those of the children, who are the patrimony of humanity – is the first step to building a just world, where foreigners are recognized as people and treated equal to citizens. 

d. Luigi Ciotti, president of Libera national and Group Abele

Francesco Viviano, journalist

Francesca Chiavacci, president of ARCI 

Stefano Ciafani, president of Legambiente

Carla Nespolo, president of ANPI 

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