Social antimafia and human rights

Criminal activities are not only related to criminal organizations: nowadays we observe a growing system of corruption where governments’ decisions and policy makers’ decisions are driven by economic interests, oppressing people’s rights. Repeated human rights violations, both in Italy and elsewhere, have been reported by civil society. Libera is trying to make its part to obtain justice for the victims and their families. The main aspect of this work is monitoring on human rights, supporting civil society associations who denounce the violations and raising public opinion awareness. Moreover, it is important to produce updated material about criminal organizations’ activities, but also to report existing good practices aimed at hinder them in different levels: from public administration and the private sector, through educational and social services to the media sector.

Libera take part to “In Difesa Di – per i diritti  umani e chi li difende” an italian network of NGOs in action to support and defend  human rights, environment, social justice, international cooperation, peace, against firearms and weapons, job rights, free press and rule of law.