14 members of Nigerian Mafia “Black Axe” condemned in Palermo

Nigerian mafia : more than a century of prison is required for 14 defendants in Palermo. The Prosecutor : “Condemn them for the 416 bis

The Nigerians on trial are accused of having controlled the prostitution market and drug deals in the main city of Sicily. During the trial, the stories of three Nigerians who have decided to collaborate with the Prosecutor have been essential, along with wire tapes.

Condemn the « Black Axe » members for mafia-type criminal association : this was the request of the Prosecutor Gaspare Spedale at the end of the requisition of the first trial held at Palermo against the Nigerian mafia. More than a century of jail was requested for 14 defendants members of the criminal association, who have chosen to be judged on summary judgement.

The Nigerians under trial are accused of having controlled the prostitution market and drug deals in the main city of Sicily. The prosecution, held in presence of Claudia Rosini,  judge of preliminary hearings, was born from an investigation of the Palermo’s Prosecutor, exclusively revealed in an inquiry done by fattoquotidiano.it in October 2015, against a transnational criminal organisation based in Nigeria and called « Black Axe ».

The investigators of the flying squad discovered a clan that was managing and controlling numerous illicit economic activities : credit recoveries, prostitution, drugs trafficking…

The gang, that had its headquarters in the historic neighborhood of Ballarò but also other places in numerous Italian cities, was vertically structured  and based on strict rules amongst whom « baptisms », members affiliation rites  and precise rules within this guild, that can be compared to those of Cosa Nostra.

The one who revealed the mechanisms of the criminal organisation was one of those arrested during the blitz and that has chosen to collaborate con justice. The Prosecutor Spedale, that was one of the first to discover how this new mafia was active in Palermo, talked about «  a solid organization, vertical and well defined ». Other than the wire tapes, the stories of the three Nigerians, Austine JohnbullEvans Osayamwen and Nosa Inofogha, who have decided to collaborate con the Prosecutor have been essential to the trial.

The Prosecutor has asked 18 years of jail for Alaye Samson ObamaIbrahim Yusif, 12 years for Kennet Osahon Aghaku, 11 years for Steve Osagie, 10 years for Sylvester Collins, 9 years for Osayi Idemudia, 8 years for Lucky Monye, 6 years and  4 months for Evans Osayamwen, 5 years and 4 months for Efe Airbe, 5 years for Edith Omoregie e Vitanus Emetuwa, 4 years and 8 months for Victor Jude, 3 years and 2 months for Nosa Inofogha, 2 years and 8 months for Austine Johnbull.  There are also five other persons allegedly part of Black Axe.

Created in the 70s in the University of Benin City, Nigeria, as a student fraternity, Black Axe was, at the beginning, a gang between a religious association (a cult) and a criminal organization, that uses initiation rites and forces its member to wear a headgear, a beret with a skull and two crossed bones, as the symbol of privateers.  Ilfattoquotidiano.it has revealed how the tentacules of this new criminal squid arrived in Italia, a few years ago, where the Nigerian bosses started to impose their rules in cities’s suburbs such as in Brescia and Turin : drug, trafficking, prostitution, and a terror regime similar to the one of our Italian mafias. The Nigerian Embassy wrote in a missive to Rome in 2011 : « I’d like to have your attention on the new criminal activities perpetrated by a Nigerian group belonging to a secret cult forbidden by the State because of violent acts of hooliganism : the ex-members of the cult succeeded in coming to Italy and have founded their recent organization here, with criminal objectives » .

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