The 109/96 law for the public and social reuse of mafias confiscated assets turns 22 years-old !

Libera has made a list of all the experiences of social reuse of confiscated assets, and there are 720 different entities (such as associations and social cooperatives) involved in the gestion.

The n.109/96 law for the public and social reuse of mafias confiscated assets turns 22 years-old in 2018From the 7th of March 1996, the experiences of gestion of mafias confiscated assets have multiplied while crucial aspects still remain to be solved.

A research from Libera called « BeneItalia » has listed 720 experiences in Italia, from associations and local cooperatives, who manage the immovable properties confiscated to the organized crime.  This research shows that the region with the majority of social entities managing confiscated assets is Sicilia with 180 them, followed by Lombardy with 144 managing entities, Campania with 116, Calabria with 101 and Puglia with 68. The mainly manage apartments, villas and lands.

These experiences are based on essential activities such as shared planification, transparency, volunteering, social economy, fundraising … Activities that have contributed to the creation and the diffusion of these experiences.

Mafias confiscated and socially reused assets have became a kind of « measure » of the effectiveness of the strategy, the tools, and the resources engaged in terms of legality, social justice, diffusion of a culture of responsible citizenship and of an ethic of companies. Legality pays.

Regarding the structural conditions of the confiscated assets, it is known that, at the moment of their social reuse, only 12% of the assets were in a good state. This is why it usually takes 10 years from the moment of the confiscation to the actual social reuse of the asset.

As Davide Pati, Vice-President of Libera, says, all the volunteering and cooperation entities working on confiscated assets have became a democratic tool, an opportunity of real and transparent work. They represent hope in territories where hope was long lost, they show that the fight against mafias is possible if every citizen, administrator, association, institution, if economics and politics bear the responsibility of the common good, if they prove to be honest, responsible, caring …

At the occasion of the 22nd birthday of the 109/96 law, we hope that the ministerial measures about the reform of the antimafia code, through the strengthening of the National Agency, will be quickly approved, as well as the extension of the sequestration to the assets of corrupted persons and the access to investment funds and credit.

In order to promote the importance of the social reuse of confiscated assets, Libera launches until the 21st of March, 23rd Day of Memory and Commitment in remembrance of the innocent victims of mafias, the hashtag #apriamoilbene with which associations, managing entities, schools, municipalities and citizens will share their experience and the confiscated assets will become places of memory and commitment.



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In 2015, the documentary “Sono Cosa Nostra” was released. It deals with how are managed the confiscated assets, who are the persons quietly fighting mafias everyday… Click here to see it.