Contromafiecorruzione, an important participation to the three-days conference organized by Libera

The three-days conference « Contromafiecorruzione », to which numerous young people, magistrates, associations, professors, unions and representatives of associations from Europe and Latin America have participated in, has ended in Rome.

Those were three day of reflexion, proposal, debate to renew our engagement in the fight against mafias and corruption.

During these three days took part, among other persons, the National Antimafia Prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho, the President of the Antimfia Commission Rosy Bindi, the honorary Presidents of Libera Giancarlo Caselli and Nando Della Chiesa, the President of Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti, the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, and the General Secretary of the CEI (Episcopal Conference of Italy) Monsignor Nunzio Garatino.

Don Luigi Ciotti, President of Libera, has opened and closed the plenary sessions, discussing various themes :

«  The fight against mafias and corruption requires two things, that are not missing but need to be reinforced. The first one is the simultaneity of the interventions. The fight against mafias cannot be compartmented as mafias and corruption are not only a criminal evil but also a cultural, social, political and economical one. We have to fight them at every level in a simultaneous way. It is necessary to have a strategy, an action plan coordinated between all the offices, institutional ones and social ones, engaged in this fight that is not legal but civil. Mafias are not a crime against legality but against civility. The second thing missing, and that is even more serious, are social policies. In order to defeat mafias, it is necessary to build a society of rights, of labour and justice. Involvement and devotion are essential to the common good. Mafias are parasites who gain strength from democracy’s flaws. They offer as a favor what is not guaranteed by the law. Inequalities – poverty growth, the lack of equality of wealths and possibilities – are what is more favorable to them.

Mafias and corruption

The frontier between mafias and corruption is more and more difficult to define, and mafias, slyly, keep doing what they have always done, namely, using the power of money instead of the power of weapons.

Corruption is an iron hand in a velvet glove, a hand that strangles you. It remains the biggest threat for democracy, an infection, a plague that prepares the ground for mafias and that the latter have taken over.

Today, corruption, this hidden violence that uses money is mafias’ main method, and it is more and more difficult to distinguish them. Not all corrupted are mafiosi, but the criteria and parameters we have always used are nowadays evolving and deepened. We also have a great cultural campaign to launch, as the belief that mafias and corruption are two radically different and separated worlds is still going strong, as well as for the belief that corruption is not as serious and bad as mafias : for some people, it is a phenomenon that can be excused or justified because of the drift of bureaucratization or fiscal pressure. At the same time, a huge educative challenge is awaiting : we have to fight corruption to its roots by shaping consciousnesses.

Libera will always be a mean to an end and not an end in itself

We have to acknowledge and valorize everything positive that has been done. Grey zones, knots and contradictions still remain, but we have to recognize that in 23 years, we have made numerous efforts, numerous steps forward in the fight against mafias and corruption. Libera has represented, since its beginning, the relation and ethic that unites us all, in other words, the sharing and co-responsibility. Thereby, the most important kind of liberty – we said it so many times- is to engage its own to liberate all the people that are not free.

Freeing the country from mafias, corruption and injustices. This is the dream we all share and that reunited us for three days, that allowed us to go back with a renewed strength and involvement, 23 years after, everyone os fus  conscious that Libera remains a mean to an end and not an end in itself. The end of the fight is called liberty and dignity of the people. ».


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