Contromafiecorruzione Conference 2 – 4 February

Four years later, CONTROMAFIE come back in Rome. From its first edition in 2006, it has always represented a moment of confrontation between institutions and responsible civil societies, a place of discussion and stance, a space in which the possible can be defined from what is already existing.

That is how we imagine the fourth edition that will take place in Rome from the 2nd to the 4th of January, and that will depict the antimafia movement, represented by diverse structures from associations to local cooperation organisations, by schools and universities, by citizens of diverse age and diverse profession, all connected by a red thread : having at heart the fight against mafias and corruption and use their energy and their commitment to undertake the necessary change.

Contromafie represents an Italy that meets to work together, to take stock on the state of the fight against mafias and corruption in our country, with a special regard on what is happening in Europe and elsewhere, confronting our views, and above all putting together experiences and concreteness.

Contromafie is having the courage to open a new period of time in which we will renew the objectives, the languages and the instruments of the fight against mafias and corruption. Contromafie means stopping on the marvelous side of the question, reading with a new regard the reality and its changes, and re-writing the vocabulary of the civil commitment against mafias and corruption in the sense of continuity.

Contromafie is a proposition of commitment and work that Libera provides to all of the people, alone or associated, that do not give up to the excessive power of the mafia criminality and the corruption, and who try every day, often far from the spotlight, to create a civil and democratic opposition to barbarism and violence.

Contromafie wants to be a place of thought and action, but also a place to think about new strategies and old techniques, in order to present normative and administrative projects to institutions, to reinforce the good practices that the antimafia front has produced around key worlds such as « liberty », « citizenship », « information », « responsibility », « justice », « solidarity ».

Contromafie, other than being a place is also a time, a moment : a moment of reflexion on the actual context that is witnessing the welfare crisis, that makes unenforceable the rights enshrined in the Constitution and that feeds with culture of illegality the weight of the pressure practiced by mafias and corruption on our democracy.


Friday the 2nd of February

From 14,30 to 18.00 : launch of the plenary session at Auditorium Angelicum

Saturday the 3rd of February
From 09.30 to 17.00 : in depth seminars in different central locations.
From 19.30 :« Notte Bianca » events taking place in diverse places in Rome, open to citizens.

Sunday the 4th of February
From 09.30 to ore 12.30 : Plenary session during which the works of the different groups will be restituted, at Auditorium Angelicum

The formula is restated for its efficacy : an afternoon full of stimuli, a day of seminarian work, a night event during which we will consider the potentiality of art as an instrument against mafias, and a morning of conclusion from which we will all leave with a new engagement.

The work groups planned for Saturday the 3rd will be dedicated to the study, the in-depth analysis and the exchange, between participants. The deep link between the « being against » and « being for », the true mission of Libera, originates from this moment : a generic response to mafias and corruption is not enough, but we need to build specific responses and act them through a logic that runs through Libera networks, the logic of  making our desire for a World where mafias and corruption belong to the past concrete and daily.

With these premises, Contromafie candidates to be, once again, an important page in the story of the national and international antimafia movement, thanks to a determinate and pacific civil mobilisation that will renew thanks to this initiative.


PEOPLE, NARRATIVES, ECONOMY AND KNOWLEDGE are the key words from which are developing these thematics.


At the heart of this thematic area lies the work of support of the mafia victims, for whom it is important always conceiving new « deliverance paths » that can free them and weaken every day the structure of the mafias. In this thematic area take place the program of accompaniment for women and minors who decide to break the ties with mafiosi families and the one for the support of the victims of human trafficking.


This is the thematic area that encapsulates all the narrative languages from the journalistic one to the artistic one, all able to create antibodies against the cultural abuse of mafias : it is necessary to have a counter-narrative, that puts right back at the heart the positive value of honesty.

In this area, the voices of national and local journalism, the voices of writers, scenarists, directors, the sounds of whom through music make it possible for messages against mafias and corruption to be heard; the artistic abilities to do 360 degrees, that make it possible for the message to be acknowledged by the more persons possible, find a place. Thanks to this area, cultural initiatives able to speak to the entire city of Roma will take place on the night of the 4th of February (Saturday).


It is the thematic area that emphasizes the profit coming from mafias’ traffic and corruption and that wonders about how to intercept it, how to give it back to collectivities and how to reuse it.

A few things will be discussed such as the analyse of illegal economy, of legal economy rotten by the mafias’ presence, with strategies of emergence, the analyse of the volume of corruption in our country, with the legislation related to it and the possible ameliorations that can be done, the examinational and propositions about the work situation : undeclared work, illegal employment, examination and engagement for confiscated assets, that can be real estates and/or societies, the examination of new social policies in the fight against social inequalities and poverty, and the reflexion on the new antimafia code.


It is the area in which is involved a production of knowledge able to set up an important fight against mafias and corruption. We know that it deals with phenomenons that have cultural aspects and in that sense, the strength of it lies in the fact that it is with this cultural aspect that mafias can be defeated.

In this area will be discussed, as an example, the work made in and out of schools, as the rate of school drop-out never stop raising, the hard work about the use of instruments that can bring together people such as sport, the world of scientific research, academic or not, that is useful to draw lines of deep analysis.


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