Latin America and Libera are networking against all mafias


More than 50 organizations meet up in Bogota – Colombia to create new strategies of civic resistance and to build alternatives against the organised crime.

The last civil – official – war ongoing has ended on 1 December, 2016. On the 2nd, in Colombia, a new agreement between the government and the fuerzas armadas revolucionarias de Colombia (Farc) has come into force and it ended a 52-years long conflict. Despite this success that has stopped political conflicts and brutal military dictatorships, the Latin America is not yet able to leave in peace. The area between the Rio Bravo and the Terra del Fuego is the most violent on Earth: in fact, 33% of murders of the world are happening over there. Every year, violence is burning approximately 3,5% GDP, that could be invested instead to reduce inequalities in the country, still the highest in the world. In same states, the figures are equivalent to a war bulletin. Indeed, several atypical wars are going on. Que pasa? What’s happening in Latin America?

Mafias and Resistance

The all continent is hostage of strong global mafias that are taking advantages of the local institutions weakened by decades of regimes and they are now growing roots. These mafias are growing strong thanks to the abundancy of resources to be used on transnational crime markets, first of all, with drugs. From Honduras to Mexico, from Venezuela to Brazil, many illegal actor and players are holding civil society and governments in check. However, the Latin-American populations are not surrendering to this violence.  Being aware that a global crime has to be faced by a global response, more than 50 organizations, associations and movements coordinated by Libera internazionale, have gathered in the Atlas- Alternativa Social network, to share their experiences, set up commons projects, join their voices against the mafias that suffocating the continent.

From Mexico City to Bogota

After the funding meeting in Mexico City in May 2015, the Atlas Network is meeting again on 11-18 December to make the point on what has been done so far and to continue this activity as “sowers of change”, as also Pope Francesco stated during the second meeting with the popular movements. Having chosen Colombia to host this meeting is a message to show the full support to the Country in the difficult path towards a stable peace. “Hasta la paz” (Until the Peace) is the slogan chosen in this second assembly, as a wish to reach that peace both for Colombia and the entire Latin-America to cease the atypical and invisible, painful wars.


The original article is written by Lucia Capuzzi, read it here.

Translation of Ludovica Aquino.