An International Collaboration: VALLECAS + UPM

Collaboration between the Juntas de Puente and Villa de Vallecas and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Libera International will take part in El I Encuentro Internacional de Barrios (EBVK), or the First International Meeting of Barrios (EBVK)  is an international seminar of initiatives and professionals looking to find solutions to local problems through international discussion. Promoted by the district of Villa Vallecas, a pioneer in social innovation and citizen participation, this seminar acts as the starting point to incorporate more citizen’s participation with both neighbors of and inside Villa de Vallecas to face the challenge of promoting territorial rebalancing in disadvantaged neighborhoods from urban and social perspectives.

El Encuentro, whose main objectives are to strengthen the network of different social agents and neighborhoods and create a resource bank, is organized into two days of enrichment:

1st day : The first day intends to establish a framework through three  conferences  that include international experts who will use their local and international expertise and viewpoints to discuss current global issues of today.

2nd day :  The second day, is focused on collaboration between different neighborhoods, generating six  concrete experiences to be discussed and shared across different working groups.

Before the meeting of the  Social University of Vallecas  (USVK)  , there will be many open opportunities for collaboration between organizations looking to generate discussions and collect knowledge about one another.

The meeting will take place from  October 27, 2017 to October 28, 2017 at the  Youth Center El Sitio de mi Recreo , located in the district of Villa de Vallecas.


Management and coordination:  Agustín Hernández Aja, Senior Lecturer at the ETS of Madrid Architecture at UPM and Angela Matesanz Parellada, Architect UPM
Technical Coordinator:  Javier Rayo Ortigüela, Continuous Training Service, UPM
Support to the conference:  Marta Gayoso Heredia, degree in Architecture UPM

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