Education and social prevention

Libera steadily believes that education is the main tool we have at our disposal to build a society free of mafias. Education activities with youngsters is at the core of Libera’s actions, in order to promote a culture of legality and social justice that can successfully counteract the attitude of violence, privilege and blackmail that are typical of the mafia. This is the current challenge for both Italy and the rest of Europe in order to fight against local and transnational criminal organizations, since the repressive work and commitment of security forces and prosecutors is not sufficient. Libera proposes a wide range of summer camps, in particular in those areas dramatically interested by mafia phenomenon, where participants can observe the work runed in confiscated assets. The activities carried out in those assets concretely strengthen paths of sustainable and responsible consumption and production. Each summer, approximately 6000 people participate to “E!State Liberi”, the volunteer camp programs.