Memory and victims support

Societies’ cultural heritage and identities are grounded on history and memory, nourished by survivors’ testimonials. At this regard, reinforcing collective and shared memory is a responsibility, not only to prevent from making the same mistakes, but also in order to keep on the basis of our societies. Italy, as many other countries all over the world, has been and keep suffering of criminal organizations related crimes. Victims’ families and witnesses play a crucial role to fight against crime, because they can break the circle of silence and violence they experience in their everyday life. By saying victims and witnesses of criminal organisations, we include also those people fighting against narcos in South America, civil society associations denouncing land grabbing in Africa and missing or dead youngsters’ families in Maghreb and Mashreq. Libera stands up to raise awareness in the public opinion and to defend their rights.






March 21st Memory and Commitment day for innocent mafia’s victims – Social Day

Colombia: Voices of Dignity tells the story of two courageous women from Colombia, and their entitled to redress – INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE 2012 (ENG)

Colombia commemorates the Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with Victims of the Armed Conflict – PEACE BRIGADES INTERNATIONAL 2012 (ENG)

The 21st of March – The Day against the Mafia 2013 – FLARE (ENG)

The Memory Noise. The Vera travel from Shoah to the desaparecidos CORRIERETV 2013 (IT)