Smuggling and human being trafficking

Smuggling and trafficking represent a great cause for concern nowadays, often stressed out in the public debate. People smuggling consists on providing the illegal entrance of an individual who intends to enter in a country of which he/she is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident for financial of material gain. Generally, the relationship between smuggler and the migrant ends once the payment is made. Trafficking in human beings refers to a very lucrative form of international organized crime, representing modern-day slavery. Victims are recruited and trafficked between countries using different forms and intensity of coercion and violence. Human trafficking has three main purposes: forced labor, sexual exploitation and harvesting of tissue, cells and organs. Libera stands as a key actor to raise awareness and fight against these insidious and dangerous phenomena, by collecting updated data and raising awareness on this issue, fostering local and international home countries’ civil society networks.   






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