South America has being torn apart for many decades by drug crimes and violence, in particular in the northern triangle of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Nowadays this ongoing conflict is reaching alarming levels, with a murder rate among the highest in the world. Due to its geographical position, between some of the world’s largest drug producers in South America and one of the world’s largest consumer, the US. As a matter of fact, to reach this market, cocaine is typically transported from Colombia to Mexico or Central America and then by land to the United States and Canada. Weak and corrupt government often struggle to face those problems, related to persistent poverty and the lack of educational and employment opportunities. In this context, Libera stands as a key actor to foster cooperation among local civil society organizations, through two international networks, Red Alas and Red Retoño.





Interview to the expert on organized crime issues Edgardo Buscaglia on narcotraffic in Mexico CASAMERICA 2011 (ESP)

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