On the occasion of his last book, father Alejandro Solalinde was invited by EMI (Editrice Missionaria Italiana) and Amnesty International to take part to several public meetings, in colaboration with Libera. Avvenire will follow and report the events, which can be followed on social networks using the hashtag #padresolalinde.

Look at the program below:

  • 6th May, MILAN, 17.00: «Narcocrazia», Festival of Human Rights of Milan, debate with Francesco Greco
  • 8th May, REGGIO EMILIA, 18.30
  • 9th May, BOLZANO, 18.00 at the University
  • 10th May, LECCO, 21.00 at Casa sul Pozzo
  • 11th May, PESARO, 21.00 at Palazzo Montani-Antaldi
  • 12th May, VERONA, 20.30 at Comboni Missionaries
  • 13th May, UDINE, 11.30 at the Festival vicino/lontano, dialogue with Pierluigi Di Piazza
  • 14th May, UDINE, 16.00 at Festival vicino/lontano, debate with Cécile Kyenge
  • 15th May, MODENA, 21.00 at Ostello San Filippo Neri
  • 16th May, ROME, 11.30 at Radiovaticana, presentation of the last book I narcos mi vogliono morto with Michael Czerny
  • 17th May, ROME, 17.30, Sala Conferenze Benedetto XIII, Trastevere, meeting with Paolo Morozzo della Rocca and Marco Tarquinio
  • 18th May, TURIN, 15.00, Salone del Libro, debate with Alex Zanotelli and Moni Ovadia
  • 18 maggio, TURIN, 18.30: Centro commensale Binaria, debate with Luigi Ciotti
  • 19th May, LUCCA, 18.00 at Auditorium FBML
  • 20th May, GROSSETO, 9.00 at Sala Mirto Marraccini
  • 21th May, MILAN, 16.00 at Centro PIME, Tuttaunaltrafesta
  • 22th May, VERBANIA, 21.00 at Teatro Maggiore
  • 23th May, PARMA, 20.30 at Saveriani Missionaries
  • 24th May, VICENZA, 18.30 at Festival biblico

Source: Translation from Emi