Commit yourself, color your summer, take part in E!State Liberi!

Libera camps of engagement and education, organized in confiscated assets, give the opportunity to thousands of volunteers from all over the world to live a unique experience by participating actively in the fight against mafias.
In Italy, assets confiscated from mafias (land, flats, villas, …) are reused with social purposes, promoting at the same time new forms of ethical and responsible economy.
Participating to E!State Liberi! camps means promoting the social reuse and the collective reappropriation of assets ripped out from mafias.
In 2017 the camps will be run in over 50 places all around Italy, from the very South till the North of the peninsula. A 7/15 days intense experience of sociality dipped in the new life of the confiscated asset. Here, you’ll be able to work closely with the associations who run the asset and to hear the testimonies of mafia innocent victims families’. Experts will explain to you what Italian and international mafias are and you will study the phenomenon of corruption through workshops, seminars and informal education, in order to shed a light on the several existing experiences of social ransom. Starting from this year, you can participate in a volunteering camp with your friends, your class or your association.

Let’s organize it together! Choose the dates, tell us what you’re interested in and we will prepare the camp according to your preferences.

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