Giramondi | Memory and Commitment Journeys

Giramondi includes on-field visits, discovery of the active institutions in human rights defence and in the fight against drug trade, as well as awareness-raising activities. The philosophy behind the Giramondi Project is to discover countries that are not tackled by mass tourism in order to get to know about places and social dynamics from the point of view of the inhabitants that are aware and conscious of their beauty, history and culture, but also of their complexity and problems. This journey allows participants to live a unique experience of discussion, exchange and personal enrichment, as well as it is an important opportunity to familiarise with the work of the institutions participants get in contact with. It is also an itinerary to discover the daily work of associations and movements with whom Libera International cooperates. Giramondi aims at supporting the organisations that – together with Libera – are involved in socially relevant activities. Several years ago in Latin America Libera International launched the network ALAS – Latin America Social Alternative – that gathers together 40 Latin American organisations from 12 countries in Central and South America engaged in social reporting, bottom-up law proposals, in education to legality and in support to victims.
Giramondi relies on some organisations belonging to the ALAS network to organise visits and meetings.