Libera will participate to the European Week against organized crime in Brussels (16-19th November)

We are currently organizing with the support of the European Institutions and various other associations directly concerned with this subject, the European Week against the organized crime. We are increasingly convinced that the fight against the organized crime, now present in all member states of the EU, cannot be won without the strong support of civil society.

Social antimafia and human rights

Criminal activities are not only related to criminal organizations: nowadays we observe a growing system of corruption where governments’ decisions and policy makers’ decisions are driven by economic interests, oppressing people’s rights. Repeated human rights violations, both in Italy and elsewhere, have been reported by civil society. Libera is trying to make its part to Read more about Social antimafia and human rights[…]


  Millennium Declaration (ONU) – 2000 ITA.pdf Palermo Convention, 2000. ITA.pdf REPORT 2015_ observatory on the respect of fundamental rights in Europe_2015.ITA.pdf Report project on organized crime in the European Union-Alfano.ITA.pdf Resolution of the European Parliament Oct.2013 ITA.pdf The Merida papers_corruption_United Nations.ENG.pdf